artist statement

i would like to begin by stating that my work evolves from my senses acute ability to express whatever vibration it's sensing at that moment. through my paintings i reveal a deeper reality of life that to most would be left unseen. this allowing the observer to view a world of energies that are constantly reflecting in our lives. through this sensibility i approach the canvas and let my emotions follow their instincts. with no preconceived idea i create through line and color a manifestation of reality. my art is the vessel by which i try to awaken the unconscious level in my spirit and allow it to react to its environment. in its conclusion a playful series of line and color creates a compelling yet harmonized image that can be viewed with diverse interpretations. this allows me to express in every image or line a true existence of my being.


Monica Arche was born of Cuban parents in Puerto Rico on April 15, 1969. She was raised in Miami, Florida.


Her studio is located at home where she resides with her husband and their two children.


The artist follows the artistic tradition of her Cuban grandfather Jorge Arche,

and her great uncle Aristides Fernandez who were both part of the vanguardia artist of Cuba during the 1940's. 

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